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Long Island Exterminator
Long Island Exterminator

Long Island Ant Removal & Control
Ants can wreak havoc on any residential or commercial structure. According to a recent study conducted by Columbia University in New York City, there are 13 different species of ants that populate the streets of New York City and the Five Burroughs, 10 species are Native to America, and three are imported, the park systems are infested with 24 different species.
Long Island Ant Removal and control Exterminator understands the hazards ants can cause, from stinging bites that can cause anaphylactic shock, ants that can destroy the wiring in homes and businesses causing fire hazards, ants eat clothing and upholstery, ants can carry organisms, can spread dysentery, smallpox, and salmonella bacteria. When you have an ant problem, you will soon have an army of ants, call Long Island Exterminator as soon as you can for assistance.
As a full service pest control company in Long Island, Long Island Ant Control Exterminator provides superior service to residential customers and commercial customers. Long Island Exterminator offers the lowest prices for pest control, yet we deliver the highest quality in the pest control industry.

Long Island Exterminator specializes in both residential pest control and commercial pest control in Long Island and the surrounding Burroughs. Long Island Exterminator has a team of professional technicians who are fully qualified to work around private homes, condos, apartment buildings, commercial structures, and all  parks and recreation facilities. The Long Island Exterminator team carries the license, bonding, insurance and the AIB Food Processing and Sanitation Program Certification that allows them to work with all food service and health service industries to rid them of pest.

Ants love the outdoors, trees, stumps, pavement cracks, in-ground nesting areas, and fences. They also love the interior of your homes and businesses; areas like the food pantry, stock closets, crawlspaces, interior wall sockets, bricks, wood and any other substance they can find a hole in. Long Island Exterminator checks the wiring and plumbing systems for evidence that ants are using it as highways into other rooms of your business or home.
Long Island Ant Removal & Control Exterminator will come to your location, identify the ant species you have, and formulate a pest control plan that will include not only an initial extermination of the ant colony, but provide a sustainable solution for your ant problem.

Ants pose serious health and property damage risk. They can contaminate food with salmonella bacteria, cause serious allergic reactions, destroy clothes and furniture, and no matter how clean your establishment or home is, ants will follow a single scent trail by the hundreds. Long Island Exterminator has the knowledge and experience to locate a colony and formulate the right plan of action.
Long Island Ant Control Exterminator has created a business based on the convenience of our customers, and that includes appointment schedules for service that include weekends and evenings. Long Island Exterminator 24/7 Emergency Pest Control and Extermination is available for customers who need us for stinging pest or other insect hazards. We provide Emergency Wildlife Removal in Long Island and we always remove the animals to a safe environment.

Long Island Exterminator always offer Free Estimates, Valuable Coupons, Free Pest Identification Evaluations, and all of the products we use are environmentally safe. For Termite Control, Roach Control, Bedbug Control, and others Long Island Exterminator provides stronger methods of extermination that require the use of pesticides and we strive to only use the formulas and amounts that offer low impact on the environment.