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Long Island Exterminator
Long Island Exterminator

Long Island Exterminator Pest Control Services
 As a full service pest control company in Long Island, Long Island Exterminator provides superior service to residential customers and commercial customers. Long Island Exterminator offers the lowest prices for pest control, yet we deliver the highest quality in the pest control industry.
Long Island Exterminator specializes in both residential pest control and commercial pest control in Long Island and the surrounding Burroughs. We have a team of professional technicians who are fully qualified to work around private homes, condos, apartment buildings, commercial structures, and all  parks and recreation facilities. Our team carries the license, bonding, insurance and the AIB Food Processing and Sanitation Program Certification that allows them to work with all food service and health service industries to rid them of pest.
Long Island Exterminator Services Include:

Long Island Exterminator Commercial Pest Control Services:

Our effective commercial pest control for all types of businesses is geared towards the unique schedules, structures, environmental concerns and types of pest such as rodents, insect and Bedbug Control that pose a hazard for the service industries, and other types of commercial businesses. Long Island Exterminator understands that food, health and hospitality industries face specific requirements from Health and Safety Authorities that must be met, and documented. We provide computer generated reports that can be presented as proof of a successful, sustainable pest control program. Long Island Exterminator provides service schedules for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and annual pest control services.

Long Island Exterminator Residential Pest Control Services:

Long Island Exterminator is proud of our ability to satisfy the needs of private homeowners, property management companies, and apartment dwellers for pest control in Long Island. No matter if it is a wasp nest, ant infestation, roach control, rodent control, Bedbug Control, or other insect or animal problem, we are here with the schedules you need for all types of Long Island exterminator service.

Long Island Exterminator Ant Control and Ant Extermination
According to a recent study conducted by Columbia University in New York City, there are 13 different species of ants that populate the streets of New York City and the Five Burroughs, 10 species are Native to America, and three are imported, the park systems are infested with 24 different species. Long Island Exterminator understands the hazards ants can cause, from stinging bites that can cause anaphylactic shock, ants that can destroy the wiring in homes and businesses causing fire hazards, ants eat clothing and upholstery, ants can carry organisms, can spread dysentery, smallpox, and salmonella bacteria. When you have an ant problem, you will soon have an army of ants, call Long Island Exterminator as soon as you can for assistance.
Long Island Exterminator Termite Control:

The most common termite found in Long Island is the Eastern Subterranean Termite, which live underground and attack older buildings either through the basement levels, or by crawling the exterior walls to attack the attic and upper floors. Long Island Exterminator specializes in the identification, location, and extermination of termites in Long Island using the Termidor® procedure. Call us for an immediate Free Termite Evaluation on your property.

Long Island Exterminator Bedbug Control:

 Not since the 1940's have Bedbugs been such a problem, in Long Island Bedbug Control is needed city wide. Bedbugs have infested private homes, hotels, apartments and condominiums at a level that has become a serious health hazard. Call Long Island Exterminator for immediate Bedbug Control that works.

Long Island Exterminator Roach Control:

Long Island Exterminator has an effective treatment for all types of cockroaches in Long Island. We have a sustainable pest control system that eliminates the wide spread infestations of German Cockroaches, Brown Banded Cockroaches, and the American Cockroach. Just remember that for every single cockroach you can see, hundreds more are hiding nearby.
Long Island Exterminator Rodent Control (Mice and Norway Rats)

During the cooler months in long Island, mice and rats seek the warmth of the interiors of homes and businesses. While there they will develop colonies in the walls, floors and ceilings and move freely through the vent systems, sewer pipes, and cracks and crevices that surround your property. Rodents are host to other external parasitic animals that carry diseases like typhus, rabies, and they cause serious structural damage and are a fire hazard with their nest and chewing on wiring, and they cause food contamination and asthma.
Long Island Exterminator has created a business based on the convenience of our customers, and that includes appointment schedules for service that include weekends and evenings. Our 24/7 Emergency Pest Control and Extermination is available for customers who need us for stinging pest or other insect hazards. We provide Emergency Wildlife Removal in Long Island and we always remove the animals to a safe environment.

We always offer Free Estimates, Valuable Coupons, Free Pest Identification Evaluations, and all of the products we use are environmentally safe. For Termite Control, Roach Control, Bedbug Control, and others we provide stronger methods of extermination that require the use of pesticides and we strive to only use the formulas and amounts that offer low impact on the environment.

Call Long Island Exterminator today and you can also contact us online with any questions, concerns, or to schedule a service call for any of the wide range of services we provide. Pest control in Long Island requires professionals, and Long Island Exterminator customers have trusted us for years to deliver all of their pest control needs, call Long Island Exterminator and find out for yourself just how much value our affordable pest control prices can deliver.